Newborn babies who are critically ill need intensive care and specialized medical services.
At the Jacksonville Neonatology Clinic, we have full time Board Certified Neonatologists on our staff who are supported by Neonatal Nurse Practitioners.

When required, critically ill newborns receive specialized care from our team of neonatologists in our family-centric, technologically advanced NICU at Onslow Memorial Hospital. Premature newborn infants and high-risk newborns face unique problems that can only be addressed by around the clock specialist care.

Our comprehensive care program does not stop there; we also take care of high risk NICU graduates at our Jacksonville Children’s and Family Care Clinic. Premature newborn infant care is complex and requires individualized planning that addresses the medical, nutritional, social, developmental and neurological needs of the newborn. Compassionate follow-up care is required to help families take care of the challenges of caring for children with developmental problems and abnormalities.

Our staff has valuable experience in caring for high risk and premature infants, and our goal is to help your child to reach its highest potential.